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2021 Topology Festival

On-line May 2021

The 56th annual Cornell Topology Festival was held online (for the first and hopefully only time ever!) in May 2021. The main festival took place Thursday May 20th – Friday, May 21st, 2021, with pre-festival talks on the 4th, 11th, and 18th, and a special colloquium on the 13th.



Steve Trettel, Stanford University, 4 May 1pm     —Video
Lvzhou Chen, University of Texas Austin, 11 May 1pm     —Video
Sarah Koch, University of Michigan, Special Colloquium, 13 May 4pm     —Video (talk starts at 15:30)
Jeremy Hahn, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 18 May 1pm     —Video

20–21 May

Agnes Beaudry, University of Colorado Boulder
Sebastian Hensel, University of Munich
Kate Ponto, University of Kentucky
Manuel Rivera, Purdue University
Federico Rodriguez Hertz, Pennsylvania State University
Nick Salter, Columbia University
Richard Schwartz, Brown University
Matthew Stover, Temple University

All talks will be on-line via Zoom. The talks by Steve Trettel, Lvzhou Chen, and Jeremy Hahn will be recorded and made available for participants to watch before the Festival.


Registration is open via this link. We ask all participants to register. The Festival is open to all and registration is free. Registration will allow us to generate an e-mail list for distributing Zoom links and other logistical information. Also it will give us participant information for NSF reporting.


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The Topology Festival gratefully acknowledges the continuous support of the National Science Foundation since the Festival’s inception. Special thanks to Acme Klein Bottle, purveyors of “the finest closed, non-orientable, boundary-free manifolds sold anywhere in our three spatial dimensions,” for donating a prize every year for many years.

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