image credit Niles Johnson via Wikipedia (cropped)

Topology Festival

6–8 May 2022

You are cordially invited to the 57th annual Cornell Topology Festival, which will be held in Ithaca, Friday May 6 – Sunday May 8, 2022. We hope you will join us!


Tarik Aougab, Haverford College
Ian Biringer, Boston College
Aaron Calderon, Yale University
Josh Greene, Boston College
Sara Maloni, University of Virginia
Dusa McDuff, Barnard College
Arpon Raksit, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Emily Riehl, Johns Hopkins University
Genevieve Walsh, Tufts University
Jenny Wilson, University of Michigan

Registration and financial support

Registration is not yet open. We ask all participants to register via a link that will appear here. Registration will include an option to apply for financial support towards travel and accommodation expenses. Early-career mathematicians and those from underrepresented groups are especially encouraged to apply.

COVID-19 Policies

Cornell has COVID-related policies for visitors to campus and for the organization of events. These are being updated periodically. They presently (October 2021) require that visitors provide proof of either vaccination for COVID-19 or of a recent negative COVID-19 test. We will adhere to the policies in place at the time of the meeting.

Scam Warning!

Many conferences have been targeted by scammers who claim to be booking accommodation but in reality are seeking to obtain credit card or banking information fraudulently.


Cornell University is committed to providing a safe, inclusive, and respectful learning, living, and working environment. To this end, Cornell will not tolerate sexual and related misconduct. Through Cornell University Policy 6.4, and the applicable procedures, the university provides means to address bias, discrimination, harassment, and sexual and related misconduct, including gender-based harassment, sexual harassment, sexual assault, domestic and dating violence, stalking, and sexual exploitation. Reports of bias, discrimination, and harassment can be made online at or by contacting the Office of the University Title IX Coordinator at


The Topology Festival gratefully acknowledges the continuous support of the National Science Foundation since the Festival’s inception. Special thanks to Acme Klein Bottle, purveyors of “the finest closed, non-orientable, boundary-free manifolds sold anywhere in our three spatial dimensions,” for donating a prize every year for many years. This year's logo is a crop of a picture of the Hopf Fibration by Niles Johnson via Wikipedia.